The Official Logo of Happy Tea(h)cup

The new logo, found on the side bar of the blog or marketplace, was hand drawn as well as computer edited by TeahXray Resident of Second Life. It seems to be a simple design displaying a mermaid relaxing in an empty teacup. However, it took a few weeks and few tries to come up with the concept; the mythical mermaid in a teacup represents all the lighthearted ideas of the past and new future of Happy Tea(h)cup. Accordingly, it is official property of the store.


New Construction

As of April 24, 2016,  the official marketplace and blog of Happy Tea(h)cup will be under new construction by owner, Teah Xray, and partners. This new construction will consist of new ads, products, plus ideas to improve the shop for our customers. We appreciate your patience. Please, post any questions or recommendations below.